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It was never intended to be used in sex, and it will cause condoms to break and will not be absorbed into your skin. Now we know how important it is to use lubricant for all kinds of anal play - whether that's rimming, fingering, conditioner for anal lube massage or penetration with a penis or dildo - it's vital to figure out which type of anal lube is best for you Conditioner for anal lube oil-based, so it's not compatible with condoms, but if you and your partner know conditioner for anal lube other's status or you're using with glass or metal toys, this is a good choice. Once the condom has been rolled down over the erect penis apply lube to the outside of the condom. Just keep in mind, because it's oil-based you can't use it with condoms. This oil-based lube is made with coconut oil and organic silicone, which according to the company, are the same ingredients commonly used as de-tangler in hair conditioner.
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