Partner with Us

Citizens For A Just Government (CFJG) is YOUR way of getting money quickly to YOUR cause.  Whether you are suffering RIGHT NOW from a disaster or emergency of any type,   CFJG is ready to forward donations directly to your cause.

To receive donations from others, fill out the information located in this packet. Please print the following items.   Sign, scan and return all of the following by email to

First, please fill out and return:

1. Organizational and Contact Information

After we receive your information you will then be sent:

1.  Fee Structure (Please sign and return)

2.  W-9 (Requires a manual signature.  Scan and email)

3. Bank Letter and DDA information (for this there is a Sample Bank Letter or a Voided Check will work as well)

Please click the download button below to start the process of Partnering with CFJG to support the needs of your community.