2017/11/8  CFJG urges Senate to abolish weaponized filibuster

2017/6/29 CJG supports full McCarran Ferguson repeal and national, interstate insurance sales

2017/4/21 CJG urges lawmakers to abolish Triumph Gulf Coast and disburse BP damages directly to local governments

2017/3/11 Citizens for a Just Government Opposes Gulf Power Rate Hike

2016/8/22 CJG endorses Amendment 4 in Florida 2016 primary

2016/7/18 CJG renews call for Statewide Law Enforcement Trust Fund investigation after Escambia County, Sheriff slap on the wrist

2016/7/15 CJG urges Governor Scott to empanel Statewide Grand Jury to investigate Law Enforcement Trust Fund spending

2016/4/28 Roper Leads in Santa Rosa Sheriff Poll

2016/4/6 Congressional District 1 favors Greg Evers

2016/3/28 Watered-down police body cam legislation will do little to improve accountability

2016/3/21 Broxson beats Hill, Ingram in Hypothetical Florida Senate Race

2016/3/16 “Free Trade” Agreements Jeopardize National Sovereignty

2016/3/14 Citizens for a Just Government Hails Decision to Overturn Surprise Convictions

2016/3/10 Citizens for a Just Government Applauds Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Bill

2016/2/24 Citizens for a Just Government urges Florida Senate to hear gun bills